Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunday, Errr, Monday, We Soup!

I missed my Sunday soup post yesterday because of the Super Bowl (Boo, Patriots) but put down your pitchforks, I have not abandoned ye'! I'm souping tonight and you are all invited!

Now if the name hasn't alerted you, you are going to want to like Avocados for this one.

Behold! Thy bounty of avocados! And cilantro, green onions, and limes. BUT most importantly, AVOCADOS

Slab of skinless chicken breast. Don't worry no nipple, FCC should let me be.

My shredded up chicken always brings the paws to the yard.

There's not a lot to this soup, but it makes it easier to make :)

Toppings. $2 tortilla chips, I run a classy joint.

Finished product. This said it made about 6 servings. I'm calling shenanigans on that. I'd say 2 to a very orphanage 4. I've also never met a serving size that could respect my hunger, NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. 
If you laugh in the face of serving sizes like moi, I'd say you could get away two avocados, unless you have avocado running through your bloodstream. My bowl was packed. This was super good, buy the extra lime for extra lime-y topping, makes it taste even better. This would also be a wonderful summer soup, if you're into that sort of thing, which you totally should be. 

Don't be shy, show me your soups!

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