Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review: Dirty Sexy Saint

Dirty Sexy Saint Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Little rich girl runs away to make a stand against rich mean daddy who wants to force her into an arranged marriage.
Gets blackout drunk at bar owned by hot guy who's mother was a crack whore (the term they use over and over) and he had to raise his younger brothers.
He lets her stay at his apartment, has her be waitress at his bar, buys her clothes, and then a whole pastry chef ensemble because that is her dream job.
Guy tries to stay away from her because he is not good enough and likes rough kinky sex. She gives him a blowjob and they have missionary sex in his office. He's a kink master, folks.
A blip of danger, which causes girl to sacrifice her hopes and dreams for guy, while a completely forced storyline of mean daddy and threatening arranged marriage dude have a complete turn around.
This was pretty uninspiring with a completely predictable, took every generic NA and contemporary romance plot point.
I see these authors are decently popular and I have some other freebies downloaded from them, I hope they break away from this ones color by numbers format.

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