Friday, June 14, 2024

Reading Update: #TBRChallenge

 It's Friday and I'm treating myself with starting this month's #TBRChallenge. The theme is Bananapants!, so, obviously, it's the month I've been looking forward to the most (September's Drama! is a very close second). 

I've sweated and panicked, is my pick Bananapants! enough?? I've also probably changed my pick a half dozen times. But with a synopsis like this:

HE’LL TEACH YOU SOME THINGS YOU NEVER IMAGINED…When a reporting job accidentally leads Zanita Masterson to genius extraordinaire Tyberius Augustus Evans, her world is turned upside down. The rogue scientist is six feet plus of piercing blue eyes, rock-hard muscles and maverick ideas, and the notion that this man is seriously interested in her seems insane. But a steamy night of monster movies, cookie-dough ice cream, and hot, wild love is almost enough to convince her that the passion-minded professor is determined to woo her with his own masterful equation for sizzling ecstasy and HIGH ENERGY!

There has to be some Bananapants! going on in this, right?! I mean we're not out here putting Tyber on the cover in tighty whities (I refuse to believe it's simply a sheet, that placement!) and tagging, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Romance, and Erotica, because we're light footing around.

I can not wait to see what everyone else picks for this month, I hope we're all out here slipping and sliding, not even able to standup from all the bananaing.


#TBRChallenge Previous Reads

January Once More with Feeling - Gold Ring of Betrayal by Michelle Reid

February Furry Friends - Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston 

March Not in Kansas Anymore - Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

April No Place Like Home - Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer

May With a Little Help From My Friends - Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi

Sound like fun? Can jump in any month! Hosted by the wonderful WendyTheSuperLibrarian

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