Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tasty Tuesday

Book Cupidity's Art of the Pie post may have just inspired me to try and make crust again. My first ever experience was trying to make homemade poptarts. 

You can tell by the picture they turned out..a bit rough, lol. I just used the crust recipe they provided and I don't think I gave the respect needed for freezing your equipment and ingredients. I'm not a crier, but frustrated tears were hella threatening when I was trying to work with the dough. I've not attempted since then. However, these tasted awesome and making the dough myself definitely made these flake wonderfully. The icing impressed me with how much it turned out looking like the box, taste was the same but fresher. 

It's been pretty cold here the last couple days so I made a warm fish stew. 

Since I was posting the poptart recipe, I thought I'd throw this in. I used Halibut for the white fish meat, added an avocado I had laying around, and substituted the olive oil with coconut oil. It's super easy to make, maybe a little time consuming as you have to wait 20mins for fish to soak in lime juice and then another 20mins for the broth to simmer, but nothing outrageous. Even with the rice, this only made two servings but again, the bf and I disrespect serving sizes because we're both tall and think that means we get double. It was amazingly delicious and I highly recommend if you're seeing snow flakes in your April/May air :)

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