Friday, April 7, 2017

Reading Update: 20%


"It's no' often one sees the lady of the house standing in a meadow in her bedclothes, aye?" He arched a brow as if he expected her to disagree.
"You think I'm a bit mad."
"No' a bit. Completely. And a wee bit daft, as you might recall."
He said it so calmly, his manner so matter-of-fact, that Daisy laughed with surprise. "Do you find my appearance so scandalous?" she asked, her smile deepening as she brazenly opened her shawl to reveal her nightgown.

His horse jerked at the tight hold Arrandale had on him, and he adjusted his grip, giving the horse a bit more of his head but still holding him back. "You want me to find it scandalous, aye?"

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