Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The Paid Companion - Amanda Quick

"A secret panel? Really?"
"How thrilling," she breathed, going swiftly up the steps ahead of him. "Just like in a horrid novel."
"I see that you find the notion of a hidden door even more stimulating than my lovemaking."
"Oh, no, truly. It is just that, well, I have never had occasion to make use of a secret doorway."
"Do not try to make excuses. You have battered my delicate sensibilities quite enough for one night."
"If you expect me to take that remark as a jest," she said, "I must tell you that your sense of humor leaves much to be desired."
"What makes you think I am joking?"

My fantasy of finding a secret door/room in a house is probably more thought out than sexy time ones. Get in line, dude. 
Also, Quick is just about the best at dry wit. 

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