Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Romancies - Part 1: Favorite Cover

Like the Oscars but way more prestigious ;)

Goodbye to 2018 and Hello, 2019! Romancies are a month late due to a busy life, I missed my reading goal this year by 10 books and it turned out to be my lowest reading book count in about 8 yrs :(  However, my rating average bumped up to 2.8, which was nice to see. I've bloated up my tbr with recs from all your Best of 2018 lists, let me return the favor!

The books eligible could be published in any year, they simply had to be read by me in 2018. There will be 9 categories (Favorite Cover; Favorite Secondary Character; Favorite Scene; Favorite Quote; Favorite Hero and Heroine; Favorite Couple; Favorite Contemporary and Historical, and Favorite of 2018) I'm not even going to try and set a post schedule as I always miss my deadlines, lol. 

I try very hard to not let how much I liked or disliked the book affect this one, all visual judging a book by the cover here :) 

Without further ado, let me kick off the award show tonight with Favorite Cover
(click on cover for my review if I wrote one and if I didn't, directed to GoodReads page)






1.  With A Twist by Deirdre Martin - This is the kind of fun, flirty attitude that I sometimes look for in my contemporary romances. A waitress wearing heels like that throws me a bit, lol, but I like the angles of what is happening. This cover exudes fun, witty banter and I'm always game to pick up a book visually giving me those vibes. 

2.  A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas - The colors, the setting, man, did they nail this one. Gothic-y adventures looks to be awaiting and I want to join in. The door slightly ajar makes my curiosity peak and my nosy ass is wanting to barge into these pages.

3.  The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James - Another where the color scheme really works for me. The colors are muted but I think that works for this ghost story, I think it gives it a foggy, slightly chill feeling. I think how far away she is from the house also gives it a great isolated feel. This cover makes me think strong leading lady and some spine tingling chills.

4.  The Earl Courts His Wife by Cathy Maxwell - My drama romance-y loving heart kept getting drawn back to this one as I was looking for nominees. I love the leg showing, the sweeping dress, and yes, the lustiness. I hope they gave the female model for this a bonus, she Owns this cover.

5.  An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole - In a year where I felt historical romance kind of let me down, this was a shining beacon and I tried not to let that affect my visual judging but I have soft spot for this heroine and to see her front and center, makes me like this cover. I'm a fan of the over-the-shoulder look as it can denote longing or running from danger. As the heroine is a spy in this one, I love the on edge feeling her looking back gives. Also, I feel the historical setting in this one, how they did that with only the heroine's dress and a doorway, I don't know but this looks like amazing historical adventures are to be inside. 

6.  A Rake by Midnight by Gail Ranstrom - The chin lift, y'all, Gets. Me. Every. Single. Time. This cover makes me think the pages will be full of swoon-y goodness.

7.  A Perfect Gentleman by Candace Camp - This cover is just plain pretty. The line of their bodies as they dance, her pretty pink dress, again, I'm thinking swoon-y goodness. And probably some weak Almack's lemonade ;)

8.  Black Hearts by Karina Halle - First off, smoking is smelly and gross to me. However, those whiskey colored eyes make any "good girl wanting a bad boy" left in my mid-thirties body come to life and freaking sing. This is my guilty pleasure cover.

9. Wrong To Need You by Alisha Rai - Her finger. Yes, I owe 95% of my love for this cover to the woman model's finger placement. Gah, hot. The way he is standing, her hair swept over leaving a bare shoulder, just, GAH. HOT. This cover makes me think of steamy, going to be some hard fought but eventually won battles. I live for stories and words that can encapsulate this one moment on this cover.

10.  The Duke I Once Knew by Olivia Drake - The "lighting" and the way the woman cover model is sitting on the male model's lap is fierce gorgeousness. I'm also usually a purple gal but the red dress is giving me some strong vibes.

11.  Hurts To Want You by Alisha Rai - Every cover in this series made this category and I consider them a masterpiece. I don't know if it was the models, photographer, or chemistry between all three but damn did I feel emotion between the men and women. The cover models also pretty darn perfectly matched the written characters, which I LOVE, talk about visually getting me there. 


#9 Wrong to Need You

Again, her lone little finger placement. It is trailing down his chest and gah! 

Feel free to share your favorite cover in the comments :)

Stay tuned, next category will be Favorite Secondary Character...

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