Monday, December 5, 2016

The Romancies - Part 1: Best Cover

Like the Oscars but way more prestigious ;)
It's that time of year again! Time to give shout-outs to all the wonderful books I read throughout the year. I do this to fondly reflect back on my reading year and alert readers of any hidden gems they may have missed (it's all out of the goodness of my heart and totally not because the Goodreads Romance category enrages me into doing extra work every year).

The books eligible could be published in any year, they simply had to be read by me in 2016.  There will be 9 categories and I will post as I get them typed up. 

Without further ado let me kick off the award show tonight with the first,
(click on cover for my review if I wrote one but if I didn't directs you to Goodreads page)






1.  The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress by Victoria Alexander – It seems like every year a dress captures my attention and this ice blue gorgeous number is the winner for 2016. I’m typically a purple person but I love the blue shades going on and how my hand wants to lift to touch the crinkles.

2.  When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare – I’m usually a purple person and a broody grump but the playfulness between the couple can’t help but bring a smile to my face; I also love how she seems to be the one initiating it.

3.  The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley – I blame Liam Neeson and Rob Roy for this one. If you’re craving a Scottish hero, I don’t know how you’d pass this cover up.

4.  Heat Exchange by Shannon Stacey – I think I remember saying I want this as a poster in my room when I read it, still holds true. No deeper meaning or emotions here folks, this pick is pure shallow come to mama lust.

5.  Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins – This cover is all about the subtleties for me. The facing, going different directions, yet look at their hand placements, they’re lingering not wanting to let go. For whatever reason, his right hand lightly, yet fully on her left forearm, hits me in the heart.

6.  Beating Ruby by Camilla Monk – I love the energy that seems to shoot out from the cover. It feels fun, fast paced, and wild, not unlike the story itself.

7.  The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne – Monet is a favorite artist, so the blended coloring in the back speaks to me right away. The sweeping drama of her dress and their embrace reaches out and demands I read this story.

8.  A Pirate for Christmas by Anna Campbell – This one also has a bit of drama to it. The word pirate with the compass and map in the background hint at adventure. This cover is just eye pleasing all around.

9.  The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas – Talk about perfectly fitting your title with the cover picture. The way she is clinging to him and he is holding and sheltering her has probably featured in a few fantasies. Or I’ve just seen An Officer and a Gentleman too many times.

10.   The Smoke Hunter by Jacquelyn Benson – I can almost feel the heat, hear the birds and other animals chattering, and the weight of a machete in my hand as I look at this cover. It hints at an adventure that my loving Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone heart can’t turn away from.

11.  Accidentally in Love with the Biker by Teri Anne Stanley – This cover is so cute and playful. There’s a little bad boy with the bike and a little good girl gone bad from the woman. The title and cover make me think this story will be fun and sexy all at once.

12.   The Wayward One by Danelle Harmon – If you’ve been following me awhile, then you know, put a ship on your cover and I can’t help but read your story. I love the ship, I love the color scheme, I love her dress, and oh yes, I love a man in uniform. Her leg position looks a wee bit uncomfortable but who among us hasn’t pretzel-ed up for a soldier of fortune.


#7 The Highlander

The coloring and way it makes me feel like I'm about to be swept away and off my feet make this cover my favorite. 

Feel free to share your favorite cover in the comments :)

Stayed tuned, next category will be Favorite Secondary Character...


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