Monday, April 16, 2018

Menu Monday

Y'all. A blizzard in April. We were hit with about 15 inches over the weekend. I was not pleased.

If only we could hitch a shovel to the guy and get our driveway plowed.

On to the food!

I loved this one! All the flavors combined together to form The Perfect Hash (said to the tune of SNL's "The Perfect Cheer"). I had the brilliant idea of drizzling maple syrup over it and my god, life changer. If you ever have overnight guests, make this for them in the morning and they will be yours for life. Yummy X1,000,000. Also doesn't take long or much effort to make, I used turkey sausage, left out the zucchini, and did sweet potato.

This one was good but any orange flavoring definitely gets lost in favor of the strawberry. Ice cubes are used too, so you can't make the night before. Probably won't make again because I wanted more orange flavor but if strawberry is your thing, not bad. 

This was so good! I mean I really enjoy putting chips on burger, so this was going to have a hard time going wrong for me. The almonds had me side-eyeing but through whatever witchcraft, add a lot and makes this even more awesome than the chips. If you already have some cooked leftover chicken, this would probably only take a half hour, if not, add in the cooking time for some chicken. I again, substituted the mayo with greek yogurt. If spring still exists out in the world, would be a good picnic or family get together bring.

Super duper easy and you probably don't need a recipe, lol. Takes about 15 minutes to throw together if you have leftover shredded/cut up chicken. I dipped mine in salsa for some added flavor. Would work really well for a take to work for lunch. 

What did you all eat this week? And feel free to torture me with talk of spring weather.

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