Monday, December 18, 2017

Menu Monday

A Soup and a Salad for this week :)

I used Turkey kielbasa for this and Very, Very, Vanilla soy milk. This was really good but I wouldn't add any salt because the kielbasa provided enough for me (I'm not a salt fan). Was so good on a cold day. The thyme and rosemary made it a nice lighter soup even with the potatoes. Carrots would be a good addition if you wanted more heft.
Taste:  A
Ease to Make:  Very easy took probably 40 mins and most of that is just getting soup to boil and then simmering to cook potatoes. 

These make quite a bit, you use a 9X13 pan, so prepare for a good amount. You use a red velvet cake box mix and then doctor it up a bit. They were good but had a smidgen of the drier box mix taste. Definitely add the white chocolate to the frosting, I think that is what makes these, it melded with the the red velvet taste wonderfully. 
Taste: B Sweetly rich
Ease to Make:  Very easy because your base is a box mix. Probably around an hour including brownie cooling off period to frost.

I love shrimp so I'm always looking for different takes on shrimp tacos; they're usually quick and easy to make. I used the whole jalapeno and it definitely spiced up the taco along with the sriracha. This calls for too much butter, I would skip the second tbs of butter it calls for to saute the pineapple in next time. I also used a broccoli, cabbage, and carrot pre-mixed coleslaw. These were good but not a recipe I would keep.
Taste:  B-
Ease to Make:  Super quick and easy, probably around 20mins. Great if you come home tired, want a quick meal, and nothing heavy before bed.

I loved the taste combo of this one! It's called a breakfast bowl, so I tried it for breakfast but I'm not a big eater in the mornings by any means. I ended up only being able to eat around half of this because I got so full. I usually have an orange, banana, or some such so this made my stomach feel super heavy which I didn't like. I would eat this for lunch or a light dinner next time. If you like a solid breakfast though, this would give you some nice energy. 
Taste:  A
Ease to Make:  A bit time consuming because you have to cook the sweet potato first, which takes around 30 mins, I just put it in the oven while I showered. Have to use a food processor too, so not the quietest morning meal if others are trying to sleep in. Other than that, simple to throw together.

This makes a good amount, probably a 4 person meal. I seasoned the chicken with a BBQ seasoning and pan fried them, I thought the BBQ seasoning went great with everything else. I left out the green apples because for some reason my stomach can't handle those but is fine with red delicious. I think I would use cashews instead of walnuts next time too but just because I generally just like those nuts better. Definitely make the dressing this calls for. I used plain greek yogurt, maybe a tbs of mayo, and then of course the honey. The honey mixed with all the other flavors so amazingly! This was a great "meal" salad, will make again.
Taste:  A
Ease to Make:  Obviously, cooking the chicken takes the longest, cubing the cheese, slicing the apples, and mixing together the dressing are all you have to do. Half hour tops. 

These were so GOOD. I loved them! I used Franks Red Hot sauce and an actual egg. I was super impressed with how well they stayed formed. I had some left overs and they stayed good in the fridge for two days and cooked up fine. I wouldn't skip any of the toppings, avocado smash, slaw, and a little drizzle of ranch, as I think all the flavors blended together so well. Even the "ain't a burger without meat" bf thought these tasted pretty good. Filling and tasted great!
Taste:  A+
Ease to Make:  These are fairly easy to make but a bit more time consuming and you'll be a moving and a grooving in the kitchen getting everything done. I think these took around 45mins. 

Hope there is at least one recipe that looks good to you all!

Not sure if I'll get a Menu Monday post up next week, as it will be Christmas but something will pop up in the week :)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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