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The Romancies - Part 3: Best Scene

*Technical difficulties, a.k.a my laptop gave up the ghost and I now am using my 6yr old Toshiba laptop (HORRORS), I'm way behind on posting Romancies. I should have known if I tried to set a schedule this would happen. I'm going to try and get caught up in coming days but holiday season, y'all.

*The books eligible could be published in any year, they simply had to be read by me in 2017
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1.  All About Love by Stephanie Laurens
A sword scene along these lines:
If you've never seen Zorro, just imagine a playful, sexual tension filled sword fight. I'll show up every time for stuff like this!

2.  Wild Wicked Scot by Julia London
She was suddenly reminded of a young dog here at Balhaire who'd been badly injured by a trap that had been set illegaly. When the gamekeeper determined the poor dog could not be saved and, futhermore, would suffer in his last hours, she had watched Arran scoop the dog up in his arms and carry him from this very hall with tears on his face. He'd taken the dog into the woods and mercifully put it out of its misery. She shivered at the painful recollection of how he'd grieved for the dog.

A dog loving hero (he cries over a doggie!), too much for this crazy dog lady to handle.

3.  Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
The heroine is a romance writer and there's a scene where she and the hero try to "myth bust" one her written romance scenes. It was hot and funny and a bit meta.

4.  Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai
What I personally loved about this couple's sex scenes were the powerful dynamics happening but in particular, there's a blowjob scene where Nicholas is the more vulnerable participant, even while physically we know he's the more powerful, he's shown to be incredibly emotionally vulnerable. There's been a little bit of a trend to portray "Me Tarzan, you Jane" sex, the power and emotion dynamics sex scenes here blow those depictions out of the water for me. I was a huge fan of what felt more like consensual and emotionally balanced sex. What I'm trying to say, is spanking and hair pulling sex scenes can be amazing when you add depth of emotion. 
I hope the trend starts to shift to more sex scenes like this one.

*honorable mention:  Nicholas wrapping his tie around his hand ;)

5.  My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly
“I’m not a half-wit, nor am I na├»ve. I know exactly what men like Stratton are after. I’m quite familiar with the type.”

That silenced him for half a block. “I’m sorry you even have to worry about that,” he finally said.

A great scene where the hero gets a little look-in to what it is like to exist as woman in the world and being able to cognitively, emotionally, and analytically understand what the heroine is telling him. These scenes might seem small but this right here is where the heart of romance lives, women sharing truths.

6.  Again, My Lord by Katharine Ashe
Tacitus thought of his father's adoration of a woman with rotted teeth who could barely walk. 

The hero thinks back to how much his father loved his mother even though someone looking from the outside would have some doubts why. It's a wonderful line stating about how love is love and how imperfect people can be perfect. Beautiful. Lines/scenes like this get my eyes watering out of nowhere because of how deep, heartfelt, and meaningful they are.

7.  The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole
Into the blood-splattered snow, the lone warrior fell to one knee and shuddered with weakness. Still, an arm shot out to raise a sword against the oncoming legion. Her dented breastplate swallowed her small form. Though the winds howled, whipping her hair, she heard the twang of the bowstring unleashed. She screamed in fury when the arrow punctured the center of her armor, the blow sending her flying back.
The arrowhead had pierced through metal, then barely through her breastbone, just enough that her heart met the point with each beat. The beating of her own brave heart was killing her. But her scream had woken two nearby gods sleeping together through a brutal, wintry decade. 
They stirred and looked down upon the maiden, seeing in her eyes courage burning bright. Bravery and will had marked her entire life, but the light ebbed with death and they mourned it.
Freya, the female god, whispered that they should take her courage and preserve it for eternity because it was so precious.

Talk about a grab your attention scene! Action, strong woman, goddesses, and engaging, I was instantly into the story, world, and characters.

8.  Truly by Mary Balogh
"I am glad you were so stubborn," she said. "I am glad we never married, Aled." 
He swallowed awkwardly. "I love you, cariad," he said. 
"No," she said. "It is something other than love that rules your life, Aled. It is hatred and the desire for revenge. It is the desire for destruction and violence." 
"It is the desire for a better life," he said, "and the conviction that we have a right to it. It is the belief that I owe it to myself and to my neighbors and to my unborn children---if I ever have any---to do something I cannot allow others to do for me, cariad."
"Neither could Eurwyn," she said bitterly. "But he died and left Marged and his mam and gran to manage without him. And no one has a better life as a result of what he did."
He lifted one hand to cup the back of her head. "It is what you are afraid of?" he asked softly. "That I will die and leave you alone? It is better, you think, not to marry me and not to have my little ones if I recklessly court death?" 
She was crying then and trying to pull away from him. But his arms closed about he like iron bands. And he kissed the top of her head, the wet cheek that was exposed to him, and finally the wet face she lifted to him. He kissed her mouth with hunger, parting his lips with his own. 
"Tell me you love me," he whispered against her lips. "It has been so long since I heard you say the words. Tell me I am your cariad."
But she struggled then and freed herself and turned back to face the gate, his coat held about her shoulders with both her hands. "No," she said. "You are not my love, Aled. And I do not believe Marged is my friend any longer. I am sorry for it. Marged is causing mischief and you are talking of breaking down tollgates with perhaps hundreds of men to make a mob. Someone will get hurt. It may be you or it may be Marged. But worse, it may be someone else, hurt because of you or Marged. I cannot love you any longer. No, let me put it differently. I will not love you any longer. But you knew that. We have argued it out before. Let there be an end now. No more scenes like this. It is over."
"And yet," he said, "you still love me." 
"You were not listening." She released her hold on his coat and let it slide to the ground. 
"Ah, yes," he said sadly, "I was, cariad."
She said nothing more. And he could think of nothing more to say either. She would not give up her conviction that protest and violence were never justified, and he would not give up his conviction that they were and that if he wanted to see change and thought someone should do something about effecting it, then he must be willing to do his part. He could no longer stand back and let the Eurwyns of this world do his fighting for him. He must fight for himself. Even if it meant giving up the one good thing in his life that had given it meaning and direction for the past six years. For four of those years he had worked long , hard hours in his forge, making himself worthy of her, making for her a secure future and preparing a comfortable home. And now for two he had taken the course best calculated to drive her away forever. But there was nothing he could do to change that. For if he could not offer her his integrity, then he had nothing worth offering at all.

This scene is between the secondary romance couple but ugh, their quiet love for each other just about killed me. They're both right and both wrong and I just wanted them to be together but the world isn't always perfect and sometimes things have to fall apart to come together. I loved how they wouldn't compromise their inner beliefs but through their love were able to still come together.

9.  Watchers  by Dean Koontz
When the telephone rang, it startled her. She put down her pencil and reached for the receiver. "Hello?"
"Funny," a man said.
"Excuse me?"
"They never heard of him."

I know this story has monsters, psycho killer, semi-curses, awful bitter aunt, and government agents, but this was the scene that sent a chill down my spine. 
Nora's aunt, that kept her just about child protective services needed isolated, dies and leaves Nora alone and fearful of the world. When a tv repairman comes and seems to be hitting on her, she can't believe it and thinks she misinterpreted things. Of course she was right because no matter our upbringing, us women seem to have an innate sense of dude's up to no good. TV repairman turns out be a sexual harasser and stalker to the nth degree. Hence, the phone call where he lets her know he checked up on her and when she said she has a husband and he is a police officer, it is a lie. It's such a cold heart stopping moment because you know Nora is alone in the house and you know this guy is coming for her. Shivers.

10.  Shooter by Dahlia West
“So,” Chris said, leaning on his cart. “If I’m not a pirate king or a highlander, what kind of romance novel character am I?”
The checkout girl looked him up and down. “Definitely contemporary. Maybe a fireman or-”
“Army Ranger?” Chris asked teasingly.
The girl picked up a sales flier and fanned herself. “Lord, girl you snagged yourself an Army man?”
“Landlord,” Slick repeated. “Land. Lord. No snagging.”
“We’re having lunch today,” Chris told the checkout girl. “She’s making roast beef sandwiches.”
“There was a sale,” Slick whined. “I like roast beef.”
The checkout girl shook her head. “Girl, you like some kind of beef, I’ll give you that. You take that man home and get some beef, okay?”

A little meta-ness with discussing the heroine's love of romance books and their heroes and some cuteness with Chris our hero actually being a former Army Ranger. 



This scene, I keep thinking about it. To me, it is pure romance, which is love to me. The hero begins to realize how his father loved a woman who might not have been conventionally attractive and was ill most of the time; imperfect people being loved perfectly. 


Have a favorite scene from 2016 that still sticks with you?

Next time, Favorite Quote....

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