Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday, We Soup!

The first Sunday of the month I make soup. Join me and share the recipe!

First off, Happy New Year! I hope however you rang in the new year, you were safe and happy. Here's hoping 2017 is full of happiness and wonderful books for everyone. 
Since it was going to be the first day of the year, I wanted to jazz things up a bit but also was cognizant of how I might be feeling. So, something easy was also a requirement. I found this recipe on Pinterest and voila!

I liked the healthy aspect of this one with rice being substituted for noodles.

Shrimp is also a nice light meat, if you're still feeling any New Years Eve repercussions ;)

I'm not a big onion fan and often leave it out but gimme my garlic and pepper!

I have Crohn's Disease, so I have an uber sensitive stomach. I try to eat in accordance with that but food, y'all. The use of the coconut milk was so soothing on my stomach and I had no problems after eating this.

I always buy more limes if they call for it, because I like a stronger taste and I like garnishes on my plate to feel fancy :)

I was a big fan of this one, super yummy and something different from the usual soup I make. If looking for something quick, easy, and tasteful, I highly recommend this one. 

Share your Sunday Soup!


  1. Yummy! That looks delicious! Soup is always good so I make it a lot. Definitely saving this recipe cos . . . shrimp! :-)

    One of my favorites is Creamy Chicken and Mushroom. Got the recipe from DamnDelicious and it really is damn delicious.

    Knowing how you feel about onions, I think you could probably omit the onions and still get the full-on goodness. Love the creaming mushrooms in this one.

  2. Replies
    1. Onions are like my bestfriend compared to mushrooms, lol. I just can't get by the texture of them; the rubber mushy feel.
      I'm pretty sure I have a few recipes pinned from DamnDelicious because the name was too good to stay away from :)
      Hope you enjoy the soup when you get to make it!

  3. That does sound damn delicious! I'm going to have add it to the menu this week.

    1. It was so good, I probably ate more than my fair share of servings :) I can't wait to see what you think about it!

    2. I forgot to let you know that this recipe was a hit! I'm going to make it again this week.