Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Romancies - Part 4: Favorite Quote

*The books eligible could be published in any year, they simply had to be read by me in 2016.
Clicking on book cover brings you to my review if I wrote one or Goodreads page if I didn't.


Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner  Harlot by Victoria Dahl  The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London

Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer  The Smoke Hunter by Jacquelyn Benson  Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole

When All The Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz  True Pretenses by Rose Lerner  Maximum Exposure by Alison Kent

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley

1. Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner
He wanted to learn to draw so he could capture the bold lines of her.

*Honorable Mentions - He was so far gone that dipping his pen in her inkwell seemed scandalous.
and "I didn't choose Jack for his money."
"There's nothing petty or self-interested in worrying about money," Phoebe said sharply. "It isn't easy being poor." Miss Jessop couldn't know what it was like, to worry you wouldn't be able to pay the grocer's bill next month. To kiss your husband's forehead and feel that he had a fever, and to have to decide whether to call the doctor, and what you could sell to pay him.

2.  Harlot by Victoria Dahl
And whatever a whore did, there was a man doing it right there with them. 
"They're people's husbands, thought," Jessica whispered, afraid to have this conversation even in the middle of a rocky field that was supposed to be a farm. "The're fathers and husbands, and we let them---"
"Aren't you somebody's daughter?" Melisande snapped. "Aren't I?"

3.  The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London
"I want to conquer nations and make you their queen."

*Honorable Mention - "You're easily riled, Miss Cabot."
"I am not easily riled," she said with a roll of her eyes. "That's what men say to women when they've been put back on their heels." 

4.  Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer
"You don't think this was a woman's job, sir, do you?" asked the Sergeant incredulously.
"Might have been. Don't you go getting a lot of silly ideas into your head about women! I've known some who'd have put a cageful of tigers to shame."

5.  The Smoke Hunter by Jacquelyn Benson
"You'll have to follow my lead. And don't panic."
She stiffened. "Have I given you any reason to think I am the type to panic?"
"You blew up a boat to get me to listen to you," he replied bluntly.
"That was not panic," she protested. "That was a perfectly logical strategy.
He didn't bother to respond.

6.  Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole
All at once Mari understood why people fought losing battles---because if you want something badly enough, you can't do anything else but fight for it.

*Honorable Mention - On that ledge in the blackness, she'd truly recognized for the first time in her life that some creatures that went bump in the night might hate that they did. 

7.  When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz
Not the handsomest man in Seattle---not by a long stretch, she thought. But probably the one most likely to survive if he went into the gladiators' ring to confront the best-looking guy.

8.  True Pretenses by Rose Lerner
She turned it over in her mind. "It's more like fear than embarrassment. Fear that you won't think I'm a lady anymore."
He propped himself up above her on his forearm, clearly delighted. It occurred to her that he must have picked up everything he knew about being gentry through observation. He had never been able to ask anyone directly before. 
"Ladies have bodies like other women," he said. 
"Yes..." She couldn't think how to explain it. "It's as if one is trying to avoid reminding men that one is like other women. Men don't always treat women very well."

9.  Maximum Exposure by Alison Kent
"It's crazy, isn't it? I let people look at my body, but having them see what's in my eyes..."

10.  The Stolen MacKenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley 
"You'll ruin me," she whispered.
Malcolm studied her, his amber-colored gaze intense. "Marry me, lass, and I'll ruin ye every day."


When All The Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz

Usually, I go for swoon lines or stop and make you think but this line just happened to hit me hard. Heroes are a big reason I read romances, this line reached out, grabbed my attention, and made a slow smile appear on my face. And you all know what slow smile I mean ;)

Read a line this year that has stuck with you?

Next time, Best Heroine and Best Hero...


  1. Maybe a vestigial prehistoric sense of seeking out the strongest fighter, best hunter, fastest runner? lol I enjoyed them all.