Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Romancies - Part 3: Best Scene

*The books eligible could be published in any year, they simply had to be read by me in 2016
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Deception Island by Brynn Kelly  The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne  Claiming Her by Kris Kennedy

Beneath the Surface by Melynda Price  Four Letter Word by J.  Daniels  How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina

Dark Desires by Eve Silver  Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins  To Lure a Proper Lady by Ashlyn Macnamara

True Pretenses by Rose Lerner  Something Wicked by Jo Beverley

1.  Deception Island by Brynn Kelly
A romantic suspense story where a quiet moment stuck out the most to me. Our heroine is captured by the enemy and taken to a hut that holds a group of women who have been taken captive with the purpose of sex trafficking. When our heroine first walks in and sits down in the dark, overfilled, foul smelling hut full of women and younger girls, the woman next to her reaches over and grips her hand and squeezes. This, along with other moments where the women try to protect one another and the youngest will have your eyes watering and feeling pride for womanhood.

2.  The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne
A sound like the muffled beating of her accelerating heart pounded at the earth, and Mena leaned against the window in time to see several mounted Highlanders melt out of the mists like the specters of Jacobite warriors who had roamed these very moors a hundred years past. Her breath caught at the sight of them. Heavy cloaks protected brawny shoulders, though their knees remained bared to the elements by matching blue, green, and gold kilts. They reined their horses to a walk and lurked closer to the carriage, letting the mist unveil them to her wide gaze.

That is how you write a mentally visually stunning scene.
*Honorable mentions - Samhain celebration scenes and at 70% hero makes a speech to the heroine that will melt you.

3.  Claiming Her by Kris Kennedy
Set in medieval times, knowledge is as exciting and sexy as a bared shoulder. Our hero Aodh sets up a series of maps for the heroine Katarina to look at. This scene not only helps the reader to feel middle ages Europe through Katarina's wonderment and curiosity about a world she can barely comprehend, it also brings our leads together with Aodh providing knowledge to Katarina, which she finds sexy. I did too as their chemistry, push and pull, and testing each other made this into an extremely hot scene. 

4.  Beneath the Surface by Melynda Price
This started off at a thrilling pace with our heroine discovering something she shouldn't have and then realizing she is in danger, but doesn't know who or where the danger is going to come from. She's traveling back home on the lookout and then walks into her apartment only to find her roommate dead. It was extremely chilling and nail biting for those first couple scenes.

5.  Four Letter Word by J. Daniels
Our first introduction to the heroine is when her husband is telling her he is done with their relationship. We don't get to see the conversation but instead the heroine's thoughts and feelings, this was an incredibly emotional scene. The numbness the author was able to convey and then the sudden rushing of emotions hitting the heroine felt real and powerful. I think anyone who has been through this would shed some tears reading how hurt, caught off guard, and freed the heroine felt.

6.  How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina
"Read on," he insisted. "I hear you." She looked down at his hand spread upon her page. "I am listening," he told her earnestly. "To you." He thought Daisy Plumtre might have dropped her charcoal, but he didn't know for sure. He knew of nothing but Diana's fingertips hesitantly brushing across his knuckles, easing his hand aside so she might continue reading. 

Swoon, just swoonswoonswoonswoon. The hero being the only one to appreciate the heroine, the small hidden forbidden touching, the friend being stunned by their moment, the heat, and heart of the moment. Historical romance at its best. 

7.  Dark Desires by Eve Silver
"Precisely," he said. She heard no surprise in his tone, and she realized in that instant that he had expected her to understand. "Do you know, Darcie, that it takes a good deal of thought for some medical students to reach that conclusion?"
"There are no women in medical school." The observation slipped out before she had time to question the wisdom of opening such a Pandora's box.
"No, there are not."
Their gazes met and held. Darcie sensed something in his expression. As he continued to watch her, she felt a warm wave ripple through her, a feeling of pleasure and confidence that blossomed and grew.
"There are no women in medical school," Damien repeated. "Yet."

Heroes who want to hand their heroines matches to burn it down are my favorite. 

8.  Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins
"I told you years ago, you'd make more money down here than you'd ever make uptown. You had the bosoms and the looks, but no, you thought you were too good."
"No, I didn't want to become a whore, Corinne."
"Yet here you are begging help from a whore."
"I'm here begging help from my sister."

The family dynamics along with social, gender, and economic make this one powerful scene. It's raw, real, and uncomfortable; some of the best ingredients for emotional scenes. 

9.  To Lure a Proper Lady by Ashlyn Macnamara
The next thing she knew, cool air struck the bare flesh of her thigh above her stocking, followed by the hot brand of his palm.

Papers flying, desk clearing, and that is still all I'll give you from this scene because it must be experienced spoiler free. HOT

10.  True Pretenses by Rose Lerner
A very closed off hero and heroine who eventually learn to let each other in. The hero begins to do this by telling the heroine he loves the curtains. This whole speech and scene had my eyes watering. 

11.  Something Wicked by Jo Beverly
"Look," he breathed, moving her slightly. "Look, Lisette."
Opening heavy lids, Elf saw a picture...
She saw herself in a mirror. In a long cheval mirror she saw a white-haired, white-masked woman in a glittering stomacher and a scarlet petticoat being undressed by a dark-robed, black-masked monk.
Lud. It was the stuff of wicked dreams!

You're telling me, Lisette. This scene, was umm, memorable ;)


How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina

Did my multiple swoons tip this off? 

Have a favorite scene from 2016 that still sticks with you?

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