Monday, November 27, 2023

Reading Update: Page 1

Cold and blustery day, so I'm warming up with corn bread and cowboys! 

We're headed back to Rancho Lindo! 

A champion equestrian, Veronica has spent the last three years healing and hiding after a disastrous competition went viral. Ready to get back in the saddle, she begins training at the Ortega's family ranch. 

Tómas is the family's stable manager and while he's busy caring for the horses and trying to keep the ranch afloat, he can't help offering advice to Veronica. 

They're a bit oil and water but when Veronica offers to be his pretend girlfriend when his ex comes back into town, he can't help but accept. 

Tómas soon realizes that Veronica isn't who he thought she was but with her dream of the Olympics and him needed at the ranch, their future seems uncertain, even as they grow closer. 

Giddy up, this sounds like it's going to have some delicious tension 

Tasty one and comfort food feeling on a cold day. I added diced jalapenos to the cornbread for some kick

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